The Boss
Meet Mariane, the passionate hospitality entrepreneur behind "L'Auberge du Coin" located near the beautiful Lakes of l'Eau d'Heure. With a long-standing experience, Mariane has embarked on an exceptional journey in the restaurant industry. After starting her career in Fontaine-l'Évêque, she dedicated nearly 10 years of her life to the Caves de l'Abbaye d'Aulne, where she acquired a solid expertise. In 2016, Mariane took on an exciting challenge by taking over "L'Auberge du Coin," a century-old establishment. Driven by her vision to create a friendly and high-quality restaurant, she transformed this place into an essential destination in the region. At "L'Auberge du Coin," every detail is carefully considered to offer guests a memorable culinary experience. Mariane prides herself on selec