A brasserie and a restaurant in one

L'Auberge du Coin is more than a restaurant: it's a brasserie, cocktail bar, and dining room all in one. Whether you fancy a traditional brasserie dish, unlimited Burgundy fondue, or simply a drink with friends, L'Auberge du Coin is the perfect place.

Homemade dishes

Mariane, the boss, is at the stove preparing delicious dishes, including the best shallot hanger steak in the region. Each dish is prepared with love and care, making each meal a unique experience.

Attentive service

Ronny, the owner, is in the dining room, ensuring each customer is served with professionalism and kindness. The attentive service at L'Auberge du Coin is one of the many aspects that make this place a must-visit in Froidchapelle.

What types of dishes are served at L'Auberge du Coin?

L'Auberge du Coin serves a variety of dishes, from light meals to hearty ones. You can enjoy unlimited Burgundy fondue, the best shallot hanger steak, or a delicious smoked salmon salad.

What regional beers are available at L'Auberge du Coin?

You can taste the beer from the Black Country brewery, Chimay beers, and those from the Fagnes Brewery. Our selection of beers changes regularly to highlight different breweries in the region.

Is L'Auberge du Coin open after the official closing time?

Yes, even after the kitchen's closing time, we often stay open for those who wish to enjoy a drink and a pleasant moment.

What is the atmosphere at L'Auberge du Coin?

L'Auberge du Coin is a friendly and warm place. Despite an often full room, we strive to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for all our customers. Come and discover our establishment and let yourself be carried away by the welcoming atmosphere!

The Eau d'Heure Lakes, a natural gem nearby

Located just a stone's throw away from L'Auberge du Coin, the Eau d'Heure Lakes are a true natural treasure of the region. These vast bodies of water provide an idyllic setting for a multitude of outdoor activities. Whether you prefer hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, or just a leisurely stroll along the water, the Eau d'Heure Lakes are the perfect place. After a day of exploring these picturesque landscapes, what better than to relax at L'Auberge du Coin, where a warm welcome and delicious food await you. It's the perfect place to conclude a day of adventure in the beautiful Froidchapelle region.

The genesis of L'Auberge du Coin

L'Auberge du Coin, located in Froidchapelle, was taken over by Mariane and Ronny, lovers of the region originally from Charleroi. With a bursting passion for catering, they brought their unique touch to this historic establishment.

An iconic brasserie of the region

L'Auberge du Coin has established itself as a favored meeting spot for local residents. Offering a variety of regional beers, including those from the brewery of the Black Country, Chimay, and the Fagnes Brewery, the restaurant has become a true crossroads of flavors.

A warm and friendly welcome

Despite a small staff and often full room, Mariane and Ronny have always managed to welcome their customers warmly. Their dedication and love for what they do are reflected in every detail of L'Auberge du Coin.