The genesis of L'Auberge du Coin

L'Auberge du Coin, located in Froidchapelle, was taken over by Mariane and Ronny, lovers of the region originally from Charleroi. With a bursting passion for catering, they brought their unique touch to this historic establishment.

An iconic brasserie of the region

L'Auberge du Coin has established itself as a favored meeting spot for local residents. Offering a variety of regional beers, including those from the brewery of the Black Country, Chimay, and the Fagnes Brewery, the restaurant has become a true crossroads of flavors.

A warm and friendly welcome

Despite a small staff and often full room, Mariane and Ronny have always managed to welcome their customers warmly. Their dedication and love for what they do are reflected in every detail of L'Auberge du Coin.